Resilient and Sustainable

Truly innovative fission technology such as the IMSR® will play a critical role to achieve resilient, carbon-free, and sustainable energy supply

IMSR® is Resilient Energy

Tomorrow’s electricity grids will demand more stringent requirements to avoid disruptions to critical systems. Conventional nuclear power plants already have demonstrated their reliability and resilience in many situations, such as extreme weather events, when other sources of power are forced to shut down. IMSR® plants improve further on this position as they are “black-start” capable. This feature, prized by grid operators, permits IMSR® plants to start generating electricity without grid power.

To meet the world’s growing energy demands while avoiding greenhouse gas emissions, a clean energy alternative is needed that is cost-competitive with fossil fuels and deployable at scale. IMSR® plants fulfill that goal and are poised to play a key role in our clean and prosperous energy future.

Climate Change Mitigation – Many countries aim to have primary energy supply with net-zero emissions by 2050. Government, NGO, and academic experts forecast that will not be possible without fission energy and agree it must play a critical role in our energy future. However, conventional nuclear technology is insufficient to meet that promise. Generation IV molten salt fission technology used in IMSR® plants has that potential.

Many countries aim to reduce emissions to net-zero by 2050, and many forecast that this is not possible without fission energy. Experts agree fission energy must play a critical role in our energy future, but conventional nuclear technology is insufficient to meet that promise.

IMSR® Generation IV molten salt technology offers step-change improvements in commercial performance. IMSR® plants remove the many drawbacks of conventional nuclear power plants.

IMSR® plants generate carbon-free clean energy

IMSR® plants harness the energy from uranium fission, which is 10 million times more energy dense than fossil fuels. IMSR® plants have among the lowest environmental impacts of clean energy technologies today.

Total Life Cycle Emissions by Energy Source - Resilient Energy from the IMSR Small Reactor

Total Life Cycle Emissions by Energy Source – The life cycle emissions of greenhouse gases from IMSR® plants are among the lowest of all energy sources. IMSR® plants are virtually emission-free on a life-cycle basis.

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